May 18th, 2004

Meant To Be?

Dear Shawn,

Lately I keep thinking about you with the hope that you would just show up and take me back into your arms. I know I've got someone else. But still, I can't forget you. Telling myself and everyone that I've forgotten our love is such a big fat lie. Sometimes I wonder if we were meant to be. cuz no matter how hard I try, you seem to be always on my mind.

<3 Esther

(no subject)

Dear HIM
I adore
the way u walk
the way u pretend to be so gangsta
the way u dress
the way u smile
the way u look at me
the way u r too smart for the stupid stuff everyone does
the way u act so stupid and cute at the same time
the way u have me adoring you!

I wish I could talk to you
I wish I could smile at you
I wish I could look at you
I wish I could tell the whole school i like you
I wish I could give u a big kiss!
I wish I could have you!

your secret admirer!
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I think this says it all.

Dear Greg,

I really, really like you. Don't let me fall to hard, I'll never get up. You're the best, ever. I'm going to go swoon over you now.


<3 Me.

Dear me,

Isn't it fun being happy again? Being truly happy for the first time in months? He understands me more than I understand myself.

Don't lose him. Ever.

That is all.

<3 Me.
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The Journey of a Thousand Miles, Begins with a single step.

To the People of the world:

meh name is April. Im 27, and im a bit of a hopeful person, but please dont tell anyone that. I have become cynical and bitter.. angry and left foot stomp happy. Poetry, Photography, LOUD LEVELS OF A VARIETY of music, as well as running around chaotic like a 5 year old child as some of my interests and I will box with anyone that injures or fucks with my friends. I am very opinionated and stubborn to boot. There isnt enough room in this tiny little box for all the stuff about me that I could say.. so I am gonna put it behind a cut.... Read on future if you have the time, energy, or you want to know the secrets to the uninverse which I personally think can be understood if you can figure out the riddle, WHY IS A RAVEN LIKE A WRITING DESK.Collapse )
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(no subject)

i don't understand what has happened. ever since you've been hanging out with the "popular and hot" ones, nothing has been the same. i'm not the only one to think this either. i thought everything was going alright, but i thought maybe once i get someone i could rely on, i'm not surprised everything gets fucked up once again. i just hope i could one day find that one truth friend that will always be by my side, and not be my friend because i'm not good enough, or prettier enough to be one of you. you just use me for things. that's it. people like you don't deserve to have the things you do.

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dear you,

Just that you held me in your arms is enough. The sensitivity of an angel must of tapped you ever so lightly and brought you to none other than.. me. I wish never to be away from you. The happiness you bring me is like the longing times I’ve been waiting for the stars at night to gaze with you. Everything is perfect with you, like a dream. Youre holding me again, whispering sweet things in my ear. You call me beautiful, no one ever called me that before. Apart we are beautiful you say, but together we are beauty.

We’re lying in the grass. I’m on my back and your arm is on each side of my body while you are sitting up. Youre stoking my hair as youre is saying you loves me. I find it hard to believe. You look me in my eyes, I can’t help getting lost in yours. Like searching for stars forever. Its amazing. Your amazing. It’s so magical when I’m with you. I feel like there no one else in the world except us, and I can’t help but smile.
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(no subject)

I can't get through this. I try and try, but this wall is too strong. I want to feel emotions again, but I think you have damaged me beyond that. Because of you I think I will never be able to love another again.
Love, Ashley

(no subject)

There's something iv'e longed to tell you. Ever since i saw you in the talent show, I've liked you. You have so much talnet, grace and beauty. But I knew deep down that it could never be. If only you werent friends with Eric. When i got to dnace wtih you at the dance, I nearly died. Your'e such an amazing person.
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Oh boy...

Dear you,
I dont knwo if u know this but i love you. You are so special to me. You probably dont know this but i do believe i love you ever since i first saw you. We are so far yet so close and i wish we could be closer. You mean the world to me and i wish you knew that...or somehow i could see you eveyday to show you how much you mean to me.

This one shifts a bit ha ha ha!...
Dear you...yeah you!,
Do you think you know everything? why do you think your better at everything? Why do you put me down and try to drag me around? Do you feel special...well ur not special to me...ur dirt to me. I want you to know that I dislike you very much...actually yes I will use this word...I hate you.

Thanks sorry a lot of emotions trapped inside of me that i needed to let out (even tho thats not even all of them) Well i must be on my way...Bye-bye!
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Dear Daniele,

How long have we been in love? Since the old days when we'd walk around the gym and play car games, stopping at every red line and getting gas at the pop machine...joking, teasing each other, causing drama, and yet always sticking together throughout all of these 11 years. We've been through everything together...there's never been a time that we didn't have each other. And even though I'm thinking about so much, I still have feelings for you. I always will. It had to have taken a lot of courage to tell me, "I think I like you, Mic," and that you were jealous of Jerry...

I'm scared I wouldn't be me without you. You are crazy, but I love you. I always have.

Love, Mic