May 17th, 2004


do you hate me?
what did i do to you? i swear i know you hate me, so just say it, stop putting on your fake smile, stop holding my hand, and just tell me the truth, im sick of waiting for it.

first time.

dear you.
for once tell me how you feel, instead of telling me when its the wrong time.
ive told you how i feel before, it was yours to take or break.
you didnt use it to your advantage.
for once, dont lead me on. tell me flat out how you feel.

p.s. i do like you.

fuck you

You think your better than me you think your prettier and cooler and funnier than me. You think your so much better than me. Your not. Your a fucking bitch and your so annoying. All i want to do is scream at you to go away but you won't. Your one of the most annoying people I've ever known. And I've known alot of annoying people. So be surprised. I hate you. We used to be close and now you make fun of me. And your such a fucking bitch. And what your doing to my best friend is so wrong. He loves you and you ignore. Your so mean to him but he doesn't see it. Your mean by leading him on. And he doesn't care. Your so cruel. And mean. I hope you feel sorry for yourself one day, and realize how mean you were to me in high school.
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swing life away


dear old friend,

what happened to u? we used to be so close. u used to be my friend. what happened? over the years we got closer to the point of best friends. but these past 2 years i could see u changing, and u finally did. and trust me this is not for the best, its for the worst. u started to break away, hanging out with me less and less. it got to the point where i would say hi to u or come up to talk to u and u would just ignore me and walk away. and it really hurts. and your not just hurting me, but others u were close to, too. u were such good friends j***** and now your spreading rumors about her and turning people against her. do u have any idea how many people want to jump u right now? a lot. they all hate u for what you've become and what you've done to others who cared for u. and im sorry but i have to say this, YOU HAVE BECOME A SLUT. i wish u could just return to who u were so we can all be friends again.

your friend who misses u
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I hate you. I don't think this hate is going to subside. But it's fine, you don't seem to care anyways. I've saved up all those tears I cried fo you...and when I get the chance..hopefully I can DROWN YOU IN THEM. I've found someone new. I don't need you.
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to the girl who doesn't think she is beautiful...


you are beautiful. you are one of the only females i like these days. you're caring, considerate. you have a pretty face and a pure heart. i love you. you are one of my best friends these days. i know you would never hurt me, or anyone for that matter. you are beautiful. amazing. enthralling. you're complex, and yet so simple. your story is as common as the leaves on the ground are during fall. a beautiful girl, with a broken family, a broken heart, who had been molested and whose spirit was killed long before it had time to develop. but i love you. i don't know if you know this, but every time i see you, it makes my day. and when i hear "swing life away" i smile because i remember all those times you would recite and sing and hum that song. you are one of my closest friends. i don't have to tell you everything, and you already know what i'm thinking. you can identify. empathize. i love you for that. you are always there for me when my sixteenth year turns shitty. i love you. i want to be here for you any time. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. ♥