May 8th, 2004

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to the beautiful chick-
you are so beautiful. i've thought that since the first time that i saw you. and i know i have a girlfriend who i love with all my heart and i shouldn't be thinking this, but you are. what is it about you that makes my heart skip a beat whenever i see you. whatever it is, it sucks cause it drives me crazy :/.
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I hate you Brittany Golden. You have taken my best friend and deny you did. Don't you know Taryn doesn't want to be friends with you and she always is saying how annoying you are and making fun of you...that's a fucking great friend am I right. No one likes you anyway neither do I. Just hope your life is super. Have fun at the mall today stealing rings with Taryn.

Love, Alison
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I know it's been a while since we broke up. What I don't understand is why you're being such a dick to me when you're the one who broke up with me. I should be the one being mean. I should be the one putting you down everyday. You should be ignoring me in class and in the halls. I don't get mad at you or sad when I see you. I get mad at myself. I start thinking, how could I have gone out with such a loser? I guess I thought you would kick the coke habit, but I guess I thought wrong.

I don't believe your reasoning for breaking up with me, either. I know you're talking with Molly again. You basically told me straight to my face.

I just want you to know that I hate you now. I used to love you, but now I hate you. If I never saw your face again, I wouldn't be sad. In fact, my life has never been better.

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