May 6th, 2004


(no subject)

dear all of you:

why do you have to put sooooo much drama into my life? i hate this aspect of high school. i am so sick of your mindless crushes on anyone who might like you back. i am so sick of hearing about prom, and how youll absolutely DIE if you dont get a date. youre SOPHMORES, this isnt even your prom to begin with. i just want to live my little life without all of your pathetic problems controling everything. some of you are too desperate, some of you are too annoying, some of you are too bitchy, some of you are too emo, and some of you i want to shoot just for the hell of it. just to watch you try and deal with real pain.

none of your boreing little problems matter. you wont remember them in a month, why do you have to all obsess over them so much right now. i cant take it anymore. why is there no one else on this planet that feels the same way i do? i just want a friend who is CHILL. do you understand the meaning of that word?!? i cant believe that every single one of you has found some way to bug the crap out of me to the point where i can hardly be your friend any more.

everyone freaks out now and then, i am right now, but you have to be able to realize the fact that you sound like a complete idiot and have absolutely no life perspective on anything.

student government is a joke. i hate you who said the most uneducated things i have ever heard in my entire life and just shut people down because they are different than you and you resent them for being good at what they do.

love always, me. (the physco girl who hates her "friends" and would do anything to be able to change people.)