April 27th, 2004


Dear Best Friend,

You will never know how much it hurts and tears me apart when you ask me EVERY...


time i call....

"why did you call?"

oh gosh, its killing me. everytime i dial the numbers to your cell..your house..your friends' house..everytime i think maybe this time you will appreciate my concern for you, my love for you..I'm always wrong.. when u call me back, it's:

"you called?"

i called because i care. and in the past i have never called because i wanted something. i know i never really called any of my friends a lot. but its always been hard for me, and i dont know why..but your pushing me away..i always hope ull be glad i called..and im always wrong..

i dont wanna be wrong anymore...
Good bye until You call ME,

(no subject)

i know that there's a point i've missed.
a shrine or stone i haven't kissed,
a scar that never graced my wrist,
a mirror that hasn't met my fist.

but i can't help feeling that i'm due for a miracle; i'm waiting for a sign.
i'll stare straight into the sun and i won't close my eyes

'til i understand or go blind.