April 22nd, 2004

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Seeing since I guess you can write anything!

Dear Tina,

It pisses me off how someone can make you so miserable and fuck up so bad and then he comes crawling back to you and has a job, and he looks at you with that dumb face that makes him look like a monkey! You forget everything he ever did You forget he texted you saying that He "fucked some chick" while you guys were going out and that he called you a "pothead and slut" and he's only using you for one thing and you forget that every night he made you cry I was there for you or when you felt shitty I was there for you But no You'd Rather listen to him then your own Fucking Sister!

skripka, WGA

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dear you,

here are some rules for life:

1. when you lose a bunch of friends because you lied to them about your entire life for a semester, it's generally a good thing not to lie to the ones that stayed your friends.

2. don't complain constantly about your weight when you then proceed to eat three times the appropriate food intake every day. you can eat all you want, but don't complain

3. don't talk about how boys don't like you, i honestly could care less about your insecurities

4. this one has three parts:

a) don't be so defensive
b) when people say you're defensive, it's probably best to not act entirely defensive.
c) while being defensive, it's probably best not to threaten to beat other people up

5. don't act like the entire world hates you all the time, we're your friends and you doing that just makes us get annoyed with you so someday the entire world will hate you.

6. don't ever fucking tell me again that i'm the reason you don't have any friends

7. i'm not here to be your friend when it's convenient, either be my friend all the time or none of the time.

8. don't take advantage of the fact that i'm not going to confront you and tell you all of this. god knows you do that enough, what with bitching at me because i won't defend myself.

9. i fucking hate you

skripka, WGA

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So you say your sun has set. That the darkness has become overwhelming, and you just can't take it anymore. You know though, that even when the sun has set, I'll be standing there with a flashlight, pointing out the way.

my babys


why are people shuch bitches like in school today ppl were slaging me for what i was wearing and for something i said i dont get why people alwas judge people befor getting to know them it really pisses me off.

well on monday my best freind said she didn't want to be friends with me any more then this twofaced bitch started to stirr it and try to get us to fight .how knows what will happen tomorrow knowing me i will end up in a huge argument.

bye love stephie
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