March 28th, 2004


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Heyy everyone
Yeah this isnt acctually a letter to anyone just the community...if you guys ever read any of my letters and u see any lines that sound like they would make good song lyrics please comment and let me know...i write alot of songs but sometimes i dont notice thanx a bunch =-)
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Dear *your name here*
Do you think Im selfish self-centered and only caring about myself? Wait, dont answer that...I know what you are going to say. Im frightened by the idea that I may be like that I dont want ot need to be, I dont mean to be...Of course I am writing about myself right now, you see I care so much for you Im afraid youll get the same impression of me as everyone else, I dont want that because thats not who I really am...I care for my friends and family so much, I love them whole-heartedly Is that how they see me? Ever since I was told once its been playing over and over in my heard like an old record or to be more modern, a scratched cd...shes told me 5 times in the last week but really im not self absorbed self centered or Only caring about myself, bc its not true bc yeah i do care about myself but really im absorbed with you and how I feel about you...everything I do is not for myself, and when i talk its not about myself...its for and about you
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Dear no one,

Can you help me? Everyone always says, "No one else can help me," so maybe you can offer some assistance. I'm so lonely. So lonely. And as soon as I am with someone, or anyone, then I'm ok. But I'm alone right now, and lonely. Horrifingly lonely. Why isn't anyone talking to me? No one can help me, no one can solve anything..

I was crying. I am going to cry. I'm at an edge that I can't cross, I can't just leap over, I'll just fall in and never get out. I fail at everything I do. That is why I'm lonely. Or maybe it's because I'm insanely lame, or maybe it's the annoying hair, or maybe it's just... me? I could be with someone but there's no one I care about. Besides no one, besides you.

I'm tired. I would sleep if I could. But I can't. Thanks for listening to me. I was thinking.. No one always does listen.

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I can only hope

I can only hope that I will someday again meet someone as beautiful as you.
You are the most beautiful person I ever met.
Because your innerself is amazing.
As well as your outer beauty.
i read about your life and how your having so much fun with your new friends. And i can only pray that i am not forgotten.
and somedays i curse myself to think that i could ever be as lucky as to have known you for the time i have.
you are one of those people i will always think of and smile.
and i can only wish that i am not one of those people you don't even think of.
but.. i know.. i am..
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