March 21st, 2004

i'll photocopy all the things that we could be.

hey you,
i feel like we're starting to connect again like we did a few months ago (also before you went out with that random girl) yeah, im thinking that only lasted a few days though. odd. anyway, if you really like me this time PLEASE tell me. i see hints, but i NEED some truth. i hate *thinking* that maybe you have feelings for me. it leaves me confused. no one likes the confusion/love mixture. dont be shy. talk to me. sometimes i get really shy around you, so please help me out. god knows i need it. as for a potential relationship, we could really get something going here if you wanted to. i dont know if you know this but id do anything to have mutual feelings between us. i dont know if you just want me as a friend since we have so much in common, or if you really like me as more. ill try to come see your band play sometime. xoxo...

<3 me
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i need new friends

wow i really need a boyfriend...or just meet some new people...i been so bored with everyone lately...i feel like im losing a lot of my friends, and i dont know why...i think its might be one really talks to me anymore...and i never get invited anywhere...and im rarely out of the house...the only time i really feel content is when im at track practice...cause school blows...i hate all my teachers and they all hate me...we'll only one hates me but i hate all of them...
wow this is a hateful entry...i never really knew i could be this hateful...yeah if anyone who knows me saw this they would be shocked...ha oh well...
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