March 6th, 2004


dear _____,

if you believe in the signs, like i do, then they point to us. they have for seven years now. i know you feel the same way about me. i love the secret flirting between us, but i wish something else would come of it. you have always been in the back of my mind, even when i was with somebody else. your amazing but i cant tell you. you intrest me, and i cant say that to you either. there is only one thing in our way. and its the biggest obstacle of anything. and i cant ignore this "obstacle" anyway. mabey somebody it might happen. but i want you to know that i have always had a secrect longing for you. id bet you would complete me. so life goes on.




 Hey.. I miss you. N.Y. 4 life!! I still have all our letters, all of our "senior letters" Well.. Were senoirs now.. and lo0k what happend? You moved away and I fell apart. and fell out of everything that I loved. I just couldent hang anymore. I mean for awhile it was just me sandi and mo.. but its not the same without you. We talk about you everyday. Remember the sandiwch's we would make.. and then hide them from your step mom.. like back in frosh year~ lol.. go0od times.. we got into so much shit. Playing po0l in your kitchen.. Dewd i ditched Cam for you lol... but remember.. Cam wouldent ever come to sayonara to see me" So fuck it! hahaha... Go0d times.. I miss you.. I think that those were some of the best years of my life.. I hope yours to0!... I love you so much crys. Dun worry this summer im gonna go to minnasota and find you.. take you home! lol.. Cause I cant Run away by myself! I need my partner. der der..... :)

<33 Jeanie

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To a princess...

I don't know why this happens, and I'm sorry that it does. I'm sorry that I don't understand why you do it. but I try my best. your problems aren't insignificant, not at all, you matter the most to me. I wish that you appreciated how much I care about you, you are probably the only girl in the world who wouldn't want someone to care this much about them. all I do I do it for you... and I'd do anything for you... and I don't think you know that...
I'm sorry that I try to protect you, from yourself even... and I'm sorry I don't have enough of a spine to stand up to you... but all I want to do is make you happy...

you'll never understand why I care... I wish you could... you deserve all I give you and more... and I am sorry for evreytihng I do for you...

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honest to god, if you don't mean everything you said this time
my heart will break, i missed you so much and i listened to our song
(Letters to you) by our favorite band... and it made me fall inlove w. u all
over again, forgive me but nick was an ass and i hope you mean everything you say..
because i really think we are ment to be.. we can make it if were heart to heart.