February 25th, 2004

calling all people looking to embrace change

Dear Everyone...

I have recently decided that I'm sick of not being who I am. I'm sick of pretending. I'm sick of trying to please other people. I'm sick of hiding how I really feel and the person I truely am. If you have any stories about going through the same experience, please share. I'm looking for support.

<3 Catie
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dear whoever will listen;

lately it's basically like i've been completely out of all of my surroundings. nothings up with me, i'm totally content with my life right now. i love every minute of it. i just think that my past has come back to haunt me.. and all of the times that i said, "why aren't i feeling something more?" the time has come to make me feel that something more.

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i need to give you up
won't you save me ?

. . . i'm getting lost again.
lost in my world i have created of you.

i need to let go.
take hold of another.
it's like clinging rope to rope.

if i let go of one before another is reached
i may just fall into oblivion.

what rope i grab is my choice.
don't influence me.

because i'm letting go

if i miss and lose my grip
the pool of tears i've created
will break my fall

i could drown forever

letter to myself

Dear Myself,
Why do I hate you so much? i really don't know. is it because i know everything is going to be okay for you? and you have to watch the people you care about the most experience hard times and pain? why does it hurt you so much when people give you compliments? is it because you are afraid to accept the fact that you are changing, and growing up. and that you are moving on. what is it? what is it that makes me hate you so much? sometimes i can't even look at you in the mirror. i hate everything about you. from your short hair and brown skin to your large chest and cocky smile. when you cry i hate you even more. because i can't even understand why you are crying. nothing is going wrong and yet you feel like the world is falling apart? why do you get hurt when people get mad at you and complain that you are so blest? why are they mad at you? is it because you fail to appreciate what you have been given? or is it because they just wish you weren't blessed.. i worry about you, self, because you are so confused and so scared.. and so suicidal.. what are you going to do with yourself? why do you want to kill yourslf? why are you so unhappy? Did you forget what it means to be happy, or do you just want people to notice you? I'm not really sure. I just don't get you.
I hate you.
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