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I'm living in your letters.. Breathe deeply from this envelope
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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

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someone said you would say...
to her...

all i can say is fuck you and your fucking mellow dramatic friends. you are all at least two years older than me, but you all act as if you were 10. i may have been high, but its not like i didnt hear you talking about me in front of everybody, and talking shit about my friends. what i told you was for us. but you violated my trust. and now youve fucked up. this the last time, and im saying goodbye. so when you call me and i dont pick up you will understand exactly why. you believe you are all way more mature than me because im only 18. but i bet if you just fucking shut your mouth for a min and stepped out of the spotlight you just might learn something. i dont understand why i trusted you. it makes me feel like i havent even begun to learn anything about life. mabey im right. if you die today i will never cry. not for a second. you remind me of the old me. remember that? you were the one who tried so hard to change me! ive changed, and now im a million times better of a person than you will ever be. your friends all look up to me now, and look down on you. your just jealous your lucky im not going to tell the things you have confided in me. i wouldnt do that, im not you....or should i say.....me. now its time for you to grow up.



Current Mood: infuriated
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