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I'm living in your letters.. Breathe deeply from this envelope
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Monday, February 23rd, 2004

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So here's a special fuck you...
To Tim...
A week ago you allowed me to have the perfect valentines day. A week later you I caught you trying to find ways to break up with me via the fucking internet. You even had the audacity to say that you were breaking up with me because you were falling in love with me. You're so full of shit. I hate you for everything that you've ever said to me. Everything you've ever said to me were lies. All of the "I miss you's" were empty. You even asked if we can be friends. How dare you? We will never be friends. You'll be lucky if I come across you one day and my hatred has died down a little.

P.S. I want all my kisses and my heart back, bastard.

I hope you choke and die,

Current Mood: crappy
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to ...

hmm dont really no how to say this ... i hate you 4 years ago i fell out with you now io hate ur fuckin guts wihs i could see wht mess u get me into but i cant i just take it out on you .. dont wanna but i cant help myself you desurve to be punished .. get out my llife and stay out ..

from ...

Current Mood: depressed

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