February 21st, 2004


(no subject)

Awww, J -

where do i even begin? we have been apart of each other for soo long - every where i turn - there u are.
each breath - each sight - each memory.

when i told u i needed a little space a year ago, i had no idea what i had started. u were crushed. i was crushed, but i needed some time to think. soon, i felt settled & ready to go on, ready to make a full-time, life-time commitment to u. but something in u had changed. something that could not be reversed. u said i had broken your trust. we were never the same after that.

u have been my everything. my rock. my confidant. my friend. my shoulder. my family. my hand to hold. my comic. the one to wipe away the tears & remind me of the good inside of me. u were there for me when NO ONE else was. u tolerated my moods & my imperfections. i guess i will never know why.

u were & are my love. no matter what the future brings for us, that will always be true.

how will there ever be anyone who is everything to me that u are/were.

maybe some day we can be "friends." we know each other wayyyy to well not to be a part of each other's lives. but that time is not now. it just hurts too much. i need some time to readjust.

don't leave me, just realize that i need some time to get used to the new role we hold in each others lives.

i will always, always be thankful & love u for what u have meant in my life. i am a better person because of YOU. -s'bear