February 20th, 2004


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Dear you,

You said that you would love to hear about it sometime. So after two days of your topics and your MMORPG talk. You state clearly that you don't care. " ...ok this is getting queer now, I don'tcare"  It's these complete honest moments that we become strained. See you did it before when you blamed me. You said I was at fault and then moved on and never looked back. But there are no take backs in life. You said what you felt. It's my turn.

I asked about selfishness because I need to decide what to do. Should I put others before myself in everything I do, or should I do what I want when I want for my own benefit and not worry. See this isn't just some "rhetorical situation" it's real life. I've done so much for your benefit not mine, lost so much over you...I put you first not me. If I were to put myslef first I would be out looking for love, not just some comfortable place with this guy I know.

I cared about your topics because they were yours and you cared about them. Should I have been selfish and not attempted to care at all?

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