February 19th, 2004


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ha yeah i just woke up...i fell asleep at like 5 today and i just had dinner! woo yeah


i need a boyfriend....well i dunno if i just want a boyfriend or maybe i just need to meet some new people....i guess im just one of those people who needs to know that theres someone who cares....i just feel lonely..oh well hopefully i'll find some cute little emo guys...who can drive :)  ((haha))


<3 Bree  (( are we supposed to leave names on this thing...ha woopsies! ))

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    Chicago is so two years ago

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why does something always come up? last weekend, same thing. actually, it doesn't surprise me anymore. nothing ever seems to work for us.

that was the worst email i have ever gotten, and after the first paragraph i couldnt read anymore

i dont even want to go anymore. maybe i'll just stay home.