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I'm living in your letters.. Breathe deeply from this envelope
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Saturday, February 14th, 2004

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Yeah, You.
You lied to me. You stole the one thing I had left. And all you do is get pissed because I told you I was over him. WELL IF YOU EVER REALLY PAID ATTENTION TO ME YOU WOULD KNOW OTHERWISE! So you go out with him. Because that so makes sense! Even after you told me you wouldn't! I can't trust you. I never will. If I ever get a boyfriend trust me you won't EVER meet him. Its just not fair. I wasted SO many tears and you know it! But you get the prize. Its just not fair. I'll never tell you this, but I hate you.

Current Mood: confused
See? The Tide Is Turning Now And I'm Fading, Fading
I Have No Excuses Anymore
This Is Where I Wanted To Be
You've Twisted Me Out From The Inside
And You've Hung Me In The Wind

You Are My Weakness
You May Be My Downfall

I'm Helpless As You Move Away
I Am Empty, Aimless
I Have No Illusions Anymore
They Just Ran Right Out Of Me
And Every Day I'll Fight Not To Miss You
Every Day I'll Lose

You Are My Weakness
You May Be My Downfall

So Just Leave Me Here With My

Tortured Heart
Or Stay And Watch As I Cut It Out

Current Mood: blah

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