January 24th, 2004

why dont you listen

to she who pretends to care...

           all the time you ask me, 'how would you feel about this..' or you say 'lets talk about this..' trying to be a good mom are we? well do me a favor, stop pretending like you fucking care. okay? nothing i ever say has an impact. you just want to make yourself look good, pretend that your listening, but you dont. everything i say, everything i feel, it goes right through you. why wont you listen? and then you get upset when i take my anger out on myself. i try to get it out, i try to express myself, but you dont listen, and thats just as bad. everything just bottles up, its not getting out. its like when your in a nightmare, and your scared, and you need help. there are people around you who can save you, so you open your mouth to scream- to cry out for help, but nothing comes out. and you get so frustrated cause people are there.. they are fooling you into thinkin that they can help you, and all you have to do is ask. well you try, and you try- but nothing comes out of your mouth- you cant make a sound. thats what its like- you pretend to care, and to listen. but you dont, so do me a favor. stop pretending.. your just making things worse

im done calling out- im never coming to you again.

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