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I'm living in your letters.. Breathe deeply from this envelope
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Thursday, January 22nd, 2004

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Dear Grandpa,
Happy Birthday! It's been almost 2 years since you've been gone. Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday, and other times it feels like it was so long ago. I hope you know that we all love you and miss you. We all think about you everyday, so know that you'll never be forgotten. And we all remembered that today is your birthday. Everyone is going out to dinner tonight... but you probably know that already. ;) Anyway.. I just wanted to tell you Happy Birthday and let you know that I love you and miss you.

Love Always,

Current Mood: sad
note to self
be selfish for once, and do whatever it takes to be happy.
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dear you,

you just don't understand, do you?

dear family,
In case you haven't noticed, i'm falling apart again. but more importantly, we're falling apart again. i need help and we need help. i don't want to watch this fall apart again.
how can you do this? how can you not see this? i don't understand. i just want things to be alright again..to go back to the way they were in the pictures..i hope i'm not asking for too much
Dearest Mother,

I just dont understand you anymore. We used to be friends. But now you don't pay attention at all. Life would be so easier if you were to leave him. But no, you say you will take me away and we'll live happily ever after..doesn't work like that does it?
Thanks for the promises--

Your Loving Daughter.<3

Current Mood: bitchy
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