January 21st, 2004


You are my crush.

Dear Teacher,
I know it might be wrong but I have slowly been draw to you. Your my english teacher and I'm the student but for some odd reason I don't care. You have been divoriced and have a 3 year old baby girl named Erica but I still don't care. Your older then me, more experinced then me but still I don't care. I can't say I love you but I can say you will be my first kiss and that I care deeply about.

Your student
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Dear ____

You finally apologized. I thought the moment you did this i would immediately feel better. I didn't though. i wish i had i feel bad about the never forgiving part but i can't. I know that you blamed me and i know that you love her and all in all that will never go away. But i thought the apology would some how erase this. all it did was make you say sorry. the question is do you mean it? are you really sorry or just felt obligated to say it. I'm sitting here once again staring at the computer wondering if you are there. No one is.

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you're not jesus

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I just want to know why...

I'll never live up to anything good...
I'll never be good enough for anyone...
Things will never change...
Everyone moves forward, but I'm left behind...
There are so many questions and not enough answers, in fact, no answers at all...
Nothing seems real anymore...
Everyday is a repeat of the day before...
People forget you when someone new comes along...
Negative things are easier to believe than positive things...
The things you've done for people in the past mean nothing when they find the "cool" people and "cool" things in life...

Screw it.. this doesn't make sense.. but I needed some sort of outlet for now.
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dear community-

i'm chelsea. i live off of music, i love emo music. my favorite band is bright eyes. i have a wonderful boyfriend, and some friends i love. i have a lot to say, but it's too hard for me to talk about my feelings, so i thought this community would be a great way to get the words out. there's not much to say about me.


ps. i like making friends on here, look at my journal, and add me if you like :)
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