January 13th, 2004

*so stay with me...

hi, im new here. my name is kimberly. i love finch and was so upset for a while cuz i lost my cd, but luckily i found it 2 months later, how ever did i last? i like listening to music and writing poems. and even sometimes making new friends :). add me and ill add u back
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So..I don't know what your mom's problem is. I know she was cool with this at the beginning. At least she seemed okay with it. I know I'm not ever going to talk to you about this, because it's only going to make everything more awkward. I don't want her to hate me. For goodness sakes, it's your mom! It matters a lot to me that she and I have a good relationship, but I know that won't ever happen.
Nothing that happens will change the fact that I love you. And I'll love you with all of me until I take my dying breath. No one can phase that.
Just...shit. I don't know