December 23rd, 2003



You ♥

You know that I love you. And you know that you love me. Yet you choose to deny both. Everything I say is negated by you, by some minor, insignificant thing I say or do. It always happened this way before; I never thought it would with you.

I always promised myself I would never fall in love with you. But I did. And it's not the type of love I thought it was after all. Not to sound cliche, but I guess I never really knew "real" love until I met you. You taught me so much, and I need you more than I'll ever know [as I rip off a Thrice song].

I've done so much to hurt you, and you don't deserve any of it. I'm sorry for all I've done, and I don't ask for your forgiveness, because that would be too much. I just ask you to understand why I did what I did. And understand that I love you, no matter what and I'll never forget you, no matter what.

♥ Me
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you are all i ever wanted
all i ever needed
and you were right in front of me

but since i have no backbone
and i let others decide for me
i denied what i felt for you

weeks passed
feelings died

and then we were brought together again
and it felt so right
feelings resurrected

we confessed
and i was truly happy
we made efforts to get together

i came to you
we connected
we held eachother close

i was happy
i felt it was real
for 24 hours

and now you've gone back to her
and i'll lie back and bite my tongue
because now nothing i say matters.
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why won't you just let me in!??!?! i know you're going through some tough times right now but don't you think i could make you happier?! everytime we're together it's the best thing. we are so perfect for eachother but you're shutting me out. sleeping ur days away... please, i will be here for you. don't give up on us just because of ur family problems. i <3 you. i care for you. i want to be here for you when you're down. let me! <3 jessica
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