November 24th, 2003


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Justine, this is really hard for me to write to you. But hunny you really need to relax a little and stop being so god damn self centered. I understand that you wanted to be alone with jeremie last night but sometimes i need to talk to him too, you know? and him being your boyfriend has nothing to do with it, you don't like us talking when you're not there, then we'll talk when you arwe there but you have to accept that. when someone you call yuor friend is having a problem you don't bitterly tell them just to cry it out bc you don't care and want to be let alone. Jeremie was really helping me accept the fact that some people are assholes and you know what i mean by that. but, justine, you've never been used. you do not know how it feels. it feels like someone has come and ripped your insides out and you can't move and nothing matters. And i never eant you to feel that way bc you are my best friend but you need to know that whole world does not revolve around you!!! there are other people justine and other people also need jeremie as a friend as a brother figure. just stop yuor little oh, your gonna steal him, thoughts right now, bc you and i both know that i would not. just think about this bc it hurts that you don't care when im hurt and i am in turmoil when your hurt and you effin know that.
ugh. ~me

</3 - ///first post\\\

"that's funny," she said. "my heart is broken and i don't even know you. but i know you are much to far away to be able to wipe my tears when i cry".

she then let out a heart felt sigh and dropped the little glass jar that was once filled with happiness. picking up the black ribbon, with the now torn red construction paper hear and tying it around her bloody wrist.

aren't we all left </3>

::::::so how are you feeling today:::::I, I am a little tired, perhaps a little weak, a little sad, a little strung out ::::: but it's on on what you think:::it 's on LIFE::::: it makes me so weary, so tried. as if i am losing all control:::feel strung like an addict today::::just a little longer a little longer and we will all be fine. perhaps not but we are all excellent actors.
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