November 22nd, 2003


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Dear You;
I hate you so much. I hate how you make me look bad. I hate how you act. I hate how you are so happy around other people but around me or your other friends you act so blah. Well I don't care anymore. I wont put up with your s*** anymore. You don't matter to me. I hate you. I don't like you. F*** Off. :-)

<3 Me
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Dear Matt,

You broke my heart. No, it was worse. First, you broke my heart but left me with hope, continuing to tell me you loved me. That you would wait for me. That we would be together. Then, through LJ, I saw that you didn't, that you were already into three other girls. That you didn't have the balls to tell me yourself. I screamed, I cried, I freaked out, I was shaking, I nearly threw up. But, I also threw out the ring you gave me, and broke the bracelet. Things were bad, but you made them worse. You told me you only "loved me as a friend" the whole time, but why didn't you tell me? Why did you set me up for this? I loved you so much, all along, and you knew it. This hurts.
Continue emailing me. Each one makes it just that much easier to get over you. I was ready to spend forever with you, ready to spend my entire life with you. You hurt me. You nearly killed me. I blame you.

</3 Susan

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Instead of explaining this in just words I'll use some random dialog I remember.

"You're going to find some short black haired girl."
"No I won't, I promise." (Beginning of June)

"Nothing is going to happen between us. We're not going to go out." (A week later)

"Have you kissed?"
"We have, yes." (Two weeks later)

"She's not my girlfriend, god damnit!"
"She's his girlfriend."

"Wanna hang out?"
"I'm helping her with her graduation party."
"Thanks for being there."

"I've decided I just want to be friends with her." (Mid July)

"He's having a hard time getting the message that it's over."
"That's not what happened, people talk shit."
"So you weren't lying when you told me you just wanted to be her friend?"
"No." (End of August)

"...when she broke up with him, he was really upset." (Last night)

"You left me for her."
"The fuck I did. God damnit, Danielle! She's out of our lives. She's done with. This is over! It's done! Forget about her! It's over!"
"Yes." (Wednesday)

"He's visiting her at JMU." (Two days later, Friday)

It obviously was worth it. I can't believe I believed you when you said you loved me. I hope you don't read this before I see you. I have to tell you something. And all of this just doesn't amount. You're psycho. Worse than me in this aspect. That's all I'll say. I hope you don't read this before I see you.