November 19th, 2003

you're not jesus

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no matter what words i say
she just thinks it's my best line
she'll look at me that way
and say yeah she'll say boys lie
thanks guys
you've really done it for me this time
now i'm watching her walk away
i'm not like all the others
i get lost inside your eyes
and it comes as no surprise
that still she won't believe me
she's heard it a hundred times
she'll just look at me and say boys lie
i'm paying for her past
because the last guy didn't last
i'm stuck in the middle of this riddle
so cruel there's no point to argue
'cause you know as well as i do that it's true
crazy that we will never be happy
so much time invested you and me
and all this wishful thinking
so much time you wasted
i get lost in your eyes
while you just look for the lies

That song really made me realize that us girls let the guys who screwed us over keep screwing us over. It's not fair to the next guy that comes along, but that's how it is. And for all those assholes that ruin us... FUCK YOU! Okay, that was to a certain person... but I won't put any names in here 'cause I'm nice like that ha. Anyway.. I love that song.. :)
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