angel_alost (angel_alost) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dear Penguin,

Somehow, someway we have fallen in love with each other. An internet romance if you will, even though we've been in the same club, the same scene for the last 8 years. I guess the time was indeed right for us to finally get really close, become friends, then loves in such a short period of time. A short period to make up for time lost, giving a few nods and a hey here and there when we passed. Then you moved to somewhere so much better, started talking to me the night before you left. You left to get away from the drugs, the people, your addictions that were dragging you into a hell you nearly couldn't escape, and you came back. You came back for me. The sacrifices you made just to be near me. And now you're here. Watching the corn grow and you have given me calm. A peace that I have needed for so long. I missed you all these years, but now I have you and I will not let go. I love you. All of you, with every piece of me.

yours for life

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