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this is a moment. a feeling. i want to keep.

your existence scares me, and the amount of emotion i feel towards you. i haven't felt this way in a long time and i am going to say it: its the real deal. next month will be six months, and yea sure, that's like nothing to some but to me, its important. after my first, i went through many guys. and no one made me feel the way you do. this is more than important. you're more than important to me. you're everything to me.

i love that we don't rush things. and i love that we can talk about everything. i love how you can always somehow make things better no matter how big a freak out i can have. i love you. and one day, i'm going to tell you. and i'll know you love me too. we can feel it, and as you said,

...some people say 'i love you' just to hear it. and i would never want it to be used as a goodbye because its more than that. sometimes it doesn't need to be said. because its already obvious.

i love you. and every wish i can make, i wish for you to finally be the one i've been needing all along. and it comes true every time you kiss my forehead, grab my hand, and tell me i'm beautiful. i thank god for you. /horribly gushy moment. i have to vent it somewhere.

P.S. when i finished this, i looked outside and there were two doves on my balcony. (officially weirded out.) and then to add to the romanticism... THEY STARTED MATING. its a sign. a mating sign. rofl

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