Hallie Lee. (oh_so_overdone) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
Hallie Lee.

Well, gee.


Honey. I'm crazy, I know.

We've been "seeing" each other for like... a week. I can't get out of relationship mode, and I can't stop analyzing every single thing that happens.

We haven't hung out since Friday night (where you never tried to hold my hand, but you did kiss me good night?). I leave, every night, feeling awkward. You text me to tell me that you had a really good night, and I'm better. I coul use one of those texts right now.

I know you're at work, but I also know that you avoid me when I ask if you'r busy tomorrow.

I don't know what we are. Are we seeing each other? Are we friends? Should I talk about it? I don't know. You told Elizabeth that I was different than any other girl you've been with, but I don't know what that means.


Ugh. You're such a boy.

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