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hi. just joined.

A long, long time ago...
it went exactly as I planned because back then we never played it safe
and she put on more for show.
Combustible at best, the rest just fell right in to place.
Yes, in fact, that was the case.
But, when she sat down I felt seriously delerious because...
a tragedy at best -the less she cared about herself,
no longer cared about her little self.
And the reason that it took me
and she hooked me originally was all for show.
A dollhouse drawn in sand.
The random look of dirty hands throwing out my plans.
I felt seriously delerious and furious because she put on more for show.
A long, long time ago...
it went exactly as I planned because back then she put on more show.
Then so effortlessly lost her lust for dressing up.
She's messing up. She's no more fun.
But now I know it to had to be more for show.
-hot hot heat

Oh no, she's not a secret now.
But, nobody cares.
The wolves have smelled her scent.
Some of us wouldn't be lying if we said were trying too hard.
But, it all works out in the end.
Some of us would be trying too hard to begin lying.
But... but, it seems to all work out in the end.
Nobody likes a child who complains and I won't be that child anymore.
-hot hot heat

By now I know you have fooled me
Do you know I feel fooled?
How could I let you rule me
and why did I trust in beady eyes
I held you close

breakin' loose is not a problem for you
I was the fly in your fist
But you would set free in daylight
And I take off with small thin broke legs
I held you close

Oh sweet darling
You can buy my kisses
and sell them again
Oh my darling
Oh, you can steal feelings
and then throw them away

And you should quit playing dirty games
it's not fair, you win 'cause you cheat
and you know it
I had thought I had control
I seem to misjudge
maybe every situation
I held you close


And who are you to decide
When I am supposed to smile
And you try, you try so hard
you try so hard, you try a lot
but you're a boy in a man
you're such an act, hard to get
when you're not, when you don't wanne be it
and I wish my wish was your command
I wish my wish was your command
-Sahara Hotnights

When we stood and wiped away your eyes
and reached for our heart's last beat.
not once did you look back for me.
not once did you hold me without the thought of him.
switched off minds melt away in processed conversation.
barely breathing, i am the diseased.
we are the hidden agendas staring as we are decaying,
eagerly waiting to breathe (see).
we are all dead.
these burnt buildings for him and a city worn away,
i'll crush those roses before we meet again.
and for the fallen, i've finally given up on you.
(singed lips bleed softly from all to hell.)
there's no fear in machinery.
there's no point in any of this.
-curl up and die

"You'd be cuter if i shot you in the face"

Drawing this box for you to recreate me into something i can never be.
disease turned these clouds a infinite light
and the winds a translucent glow.
it seemed so easy to quit everything to remember.
transmitted recordings of robot tracks to forget how everyone sounds.
tightly formed mechanical wings,
dwelling on how to save us all. never in control,
never really having a chance.
we're all useless with our eyeliner dripping in red.
we let it fester always knowing that it was coming
and i'm hearing things in my head.
i'm hearing things all wrong.
these arms failed to lift when my eyes forgot to open.
everything left offsetting through the dryed paint
that creates these butterfly wings,
twitching and teasing now.
standing here one year later with signs of red shining through a decade more.
among the morning light of bedroom walls deafeated to know the danger in this.
it's so easy to forget everything we swore we'd remember.
we're all useless.
if only i could keep the eyeliner from running
i'd drive these roads to kill my own kind.
-curl up and die

This is a family. I count on you, you count on me.
Help each other put your arms around your brother.
Help your sister trying hard as any other.
This brotherhood can't live without you.
It takes a strong heart to go the distance true.
True, go the distance true.
This hardcore scene can't live without you.
It takes a strong heart to go the distance true.

Broken down, grab a hold of my hand, cleanse yourself.
Now set yourself free.
Broken, self-defeated, lost.
You got to give yourself some discipline
Raise your fist in the air, DRUG FREE!
Cleanse yourself, you don't need it, despite what you think.
It's in your head.
Raise your fist in the air, DRUG FREE!
Cleanse yourself, you don't need it, despite what you think.
Now set yourself free.

if you don't know what the last two songs are in reference to, "family", the first song, is referring to 'the scene'. "raise your fist", the second song, is referring to the pride that they take in being straightedge. if you don't listen to any hardcore, you really should.
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