xblindeyesx (xblindeyesx) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dear You,
I know we decided to cool it off but why are you trying to make me jealous?
Big whoop you went out last night and went back to a flat and got a head massage and got complimented and probably slept with some random girl. But you know what I really dont wanna know about it.
I didnt tell you the things I know that would annoy you. I coulda but I didnt because I think about other peoples feelings.
I do have feelings for you so this stuff does still hurt. So just quit it.
I dont even wanna see you tomorrow night.
Not seen you in nearly a month and im getting on quite well actually.


Dear You.
I knew that from that night things would be awkward between us but we said that we would be mates no matter what.
I knew it would probably be a lie but I took it for what it was n hoped for the best.
But since that night weve had a 2min convo and it was shit as hell.
I miss you a bit btw. Can we please talk soon?


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