Lisa Murphy (__supericons) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
Lisa Murphy

Dear self,

You always do this and never keep it up, but let's try again anyway. Make today a new start. Stop your moaning and start appreciating.

And remind yourself every day of all the amazing things in your life that you're SO lucky to have because maybe then the little annoying/bad things won't mean so much. Why should they be more important than the little good things? Or the big good things?

Don't get into an argument over nothing. Instead get into a happy conversation.

And work out some kind of way to see people. Well, the people that want to see you. You may have lost lots of friends but there's still some there that still like you. Try and hold onto it or something?

And stop being a bitch about some of Fraser's friends because what good would that do? They're his friends, they make him happy, and it's more than you have anyway. You're just jealous he has more friends than you! So shut up and just give them a chance. Stop picking tiny flaws. It's pathetic.

And I'll tell you all of this again tomorrow until it sticks into your head.

Thank you!

And to everyone who commented on my last entry in here,

Thank you :) It's really really appreciated.


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