xblindeyesx (xblindeyesx) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dear Rob.

You really dont get it.
I dont want to hear about your new so called love life.
I dont want you to know about who I am or who im not seeing.
Its none of your business you get it?
When were in a club dont come and sit with me.
Dont buy me drinks.
Dont sit and stare at me.
Dont piss my friends off.
Cos you know what the next time im not gonna hold them back.
If someone wants to hurt you I wont stop them.
You understand that even your own friends think your being a dick to me?
Your best friend told me that your still inlove with me.
So what the hell are you playing at?
Stop trying to make me jealous cos its not gonna work.
Tonight guess what I'll be doing.
Im going on a date.
A real life date.
There, see I can move on
And I dont need to make up some bullshit story to make me look better than you.

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