screw up (screwup_die) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
screw up

dear you,
i'm scared for you to know how i feel all the time. you wouldn't understand. you save my life every day, but nothing can change the way i feel. like, my feelings aside from you. you make me so happy but there will always be that part of me stuck in that black hole. sometimes i wish you could understand it all. how it hurts to smile, literally hurts. how i can never cry when i'm supposed to, i just hold it all in until those hard days when i wish i would just die. but you help me more than you could ever understand. just having someone that's always here for me makes it all so much better, and makes my life worthwhile. i want to thank you, but you won't understand how much i really am thanking you, so it's pointless. i love you.
i need you.
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