u_lost_me (u_lost_me) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dear Santa,

The only thing i want for christmas is some peace of mind. I know you only specialize in material objects but i figured since you can do magic, and have flying reign deer, you might be able to help me. See, Santa i kinda feel lost. I feel like i am missing something. Im not really sure what im missing though. There isnt a void in my heart or anything. Its just that when i look down toward my stomach, i see flesh but i feel nothing. Im not sure what the hell is going on. Everything has worked out for me so far. Why do i feel this void. Should i start exercising, or take up an extreme sport? I guess if i could compare someone you might know to how i feel right now it would be george bailey. ya know, from that movie "its a wonderful life". I feel down on my luck and i feel everyone is out to get me. I just wanna be saved. I thought you might be able to do that. Im sorry im not in the christmas spirit this year. Im watching christmas movies filmed entirely in black in white. Im also wearing my christmas pajamas. So, if you can help me out at all, thats all i will ask for.


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