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...dear mikey,

I'm locked up in some sort of imprisonment, in which I sit locked up, cuddling a teddybear close.  I wish it was you, 'cuz we still eed to cuddle.  We still need that next kiss, as just a small act of innocence? 

So just stop avoiding me, stop pushing me away.  I want you..and we've had shares of good and bad.  It crushed me to find out you had to break our first plans to hang out besides me usually dropping by your job.  Your kiss is all I can think about and those eyes of yours behidn the glasses.  I'm sure you'd trust me with taking off your glasses because I would never hurt you; I'll do whatever to ensure you're safe and that I'm loyal to you as you are to me. 

Whatever you do, don't leave me alone; I want so bad...just to be with you.  One more kiss in your car, where the weather is  crazy and our minds are off.

"We're just friends, right?"

I just wanted to respond and tell you, "Don't say that because I love somewhere in there, maybe you love me too.."

So love me; just love me, because we can teach each other so much and be so happy together.

I love you.  I love you.  TE AMO!  I don't know how to say it in those languages you know besides English.  Your German or French, but, please take me. 

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