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Dear no one,

Can you help me? Everyone always says, "No one else can help me," so maybe you can offer some assistance. I'm so lonely. So lonely. And as soon as I am with someone, or anyone, then I'm ok. But I'm alone right now, and lonely. Horrifingly lonely. Why isn't anyone talking to me? No one can help me, no one can solve anything..

I was crying. I am going to cry. I'm at an edge that I can't cross, I can't just leap over, I'll just fall in and never get out. I fail at everything I do. That is why I'm lonely. Or maybe it's because I'm insanely lame, or maybe it's the annoying hair, or maybe it's just... me? I could be with someone but there's no one I care about. Besides no one, besides you.

I'm tired. I would sleep if I could. But I can't. Thanks for listening to me. I was thinking.. No one always does listen.


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