such subtlety so easily missed. (stephlikewoah) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
such subtlety so easily missed.

and the only thing i know is awkward silence.

i cant even begin to explain these feelings i have for you.whenever im with you, its like heaven.the one day when you came to my house while i was at work and you opened my door was like it was right out of one of the movies we always watch.the night when we were lying on your bed watching requiem and i fell asleep in your arms was the best night mom is always telling me that when i find the one boy who could make my heart do summersaults,id never even know until he was gone.i dont want you to ever leave.i had no idea how much in love i was with you until last night when you called me from the show when they were playing my favorite throwing my whole self at chance and i havent been this scared ever.and im either sleeping next to you and you found this or i got enought balls to actually give it to you.i had to let you know that right now i want to be the reason you smile.because youre my reason.youre my weakness.

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