♥Arcadia Drive♥ (shimmykitty) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
♥Arcadia Drive♥

dear i hope you burn and die
youre so lucky. you really are. youre so lucky i am how i am. really. becuase if i was the type to be cynical and let things flare up all over again even though that it happened a while ago you'd be in so much trouble. you would. in fact i guarentee an injury. if not death. no maybe not death but there'd be a hella cat fight. but im not. and ive let it go.

but doesnt mean i dont think about letting it happen from time to time.

becuase you deserve it.


dear you

i have a secret that i wish to share.

i gave you mono. HAHA.


dear dean&perry
thank you. that goes for all around. from putting up with me to accepting me. im sorry im difficult. im sorry for making you guys worry sometimes. and im sorry for not taking your advice. i promise from this day on i'll be good and not make you guys worry anymore. pinky promise.
Love vanessa

and lastly

Dear Kevin Coffee.
You are a pimp and thank you for joining me in ripping his name to shreds. And thank you for kicking his ass on high bar. You're my favorite gymnast <3
Love vanessa.

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