antonea (the_bluest_eye) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

i don't suppose you'll change your opinion of me, will you? i'm just a groupie skank, a fucking waste i believe you said. never mind that i didn't give a damn about him being in a band. never mind that i'm not that kind of person. you think you can judge me and that i'm just supposed to take it. because you're the type of person that's always right, and i'm the kind of person who makes all the wrong choices. well you know what? you're a self righteous hypocritical jackass and i hope that someday you'll realize that you're only hurting yourself. i was more than willing to be friends, give you a chance to grow and heal, but no, it's suddenly become all my fault and frankly i'm tired of being your verbal punching bag. so this is me getting all of this off my chest, because it's not like you'd ever listen.
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