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I am weak, I'll admit it.
I am paranoid, thats for sure.

They say that the things that you go through make you a stronger person. I totally agree. The things I have gone through in life have made me stronger. On the other hand, they have also ruined me in certain ways. Certain things have made me harder on my self, and more self concious and paranoid. Those things have certainly made me a stronger person in a sence, If those certain things happened to me again. I would be able to deal with them and I wouldn't break down. Now that they have happened to me. I have become afraid, I hold back my feelings. This is because I am worried about being hurt, taken advantage of, and having to cry more. Yes it does take more to hurt me now, so I have become stronger. Yet I still worry, and get hurt maybe just not as much, or maybe I just pretend I'm ok. I do let things pass by me more easily now, too many things have come and gone for me I'm sort of used to it, but hey its part of life. Every one has to deal with loss. So the question is, Do the things you experience through out life actually make you stronger? Or do they make you used to the pain, so it doesn't seem as bad? Or do they make it easier for you to hide pain in the future? I think that its a little bit of every thing? Yes I am stronger, but I still do hurt. I worry like crazy, even though I probably shouldn't. I am now just going to let things roll, If they are meant to work out then they will. If not, life goes on.

Thank you life, for making me semi-stronger.
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