canit0uchurlegs (canit0uchurlegs) wrote in _letterstoyou_,


Wow. i dont know whats up with you anymore. first you tell c, my bestfriend that you like me. so i tell her to tell you that i like you too. YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. then you tell your stupid girlfriend. god i hate her. im sorry, but its true. then after you guys talk and all your fancy stuff you tell c that you didn't have feeling feelings for me you were  just desperate. uh, wtf is up with that? jay, were best friends, and hopefully we'll always be. but thats just not cool. and i cant stand you anymore. you just make me so mad. because everything you do around me makes me think you like me, even though you dont. i mean, i would love it if you did.. but thats not gonna happen. whatever jay. i guess it is best if were best friends.

your friend,

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