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Dear Ian,
I hardly know you at all. Really. I don't know your exact age, I don't know your last name. I've only seen you two, maybe three times in person. But I think you're really cute. Everything about you is so charismatic, it attracts me to you more than anything. That's it I guess. I just think you're the cutest thing on two legs. I usually don't even go for blondes.

Dear Nicolai,
When I broke up with you, you really were getting on my nerves. But lately, all I can think about is when we were together. I was never attracted to you phycially, but the way you made me feel and the fun we had is something I just haven't been able to replace. I wish you were at least speaking to me. We broke up civily, both unsure about anything and promising we'd still hang out and be friends. I guess I was just too naive to realize that no one really keeps that promise but me.
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