burninginhell (burninginhell) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dear hon,
I deserve to be happy and you're not making me happy. It's not just a passing thing. it kills me to have to do this when I see you but I can't do it now. I can't do it until I atleast get back to school and I wish I could just get it over with.

Dear other guy,
How I wish I could have stayed on your sofa forever. Just being next to you calms me down. You say little things that just make me smile and you don't even try to do it. Our past has both good and bad times but i wish we weren't oh so far apart once school starts. I wish what is starting right now could continue. I wish I didn't see you and smile instantly. i wish i didn't have these wishes. Oh man what have you done to me that I'm writing this. You won't see this but I want to say thanks. Thanks for making me completely comfortable with who I am and who used to be. You make me feel safe andyou make things seem perfect for those hours I'm with you. I couldhave watched movies with you forever just to sit next to you. We weren't even doing anything. My head was inches from your shoulder and all I could think about was how perfect it all felt. You're what I've always wanted. I just wish I believed in happy endings or I could tell you all this without stepping over a line. I think you knew today that I wouldn't have tried to stop you last night. If you had grabed my hand I wouldn't have pulled away.

I know people will say that I shouldn't have let you back into my life but I had to. You're the only person who's given me motivation. The only person I truely never wanted to see unhappy. the only person that could look at me and make me melt. I can't get over that fact about you. I just wish out timing would work out for once. But until it does I'm content with watching movies with you or just sitting on the sofa. I don't want fancy entertainment. I just want you around.

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