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Dear Tim,

What will it take for you to realize that magic is NEVER a good reason to not be there when I need you. What needs to happen? Do I have to get in some serious car accident where I'm rushed to the hospital and you don't know about it all cause you couldn't answer your phone during a magic tournament?? Will that get the point across...will that make you understand? The funny thing is your excuse of not being able to answer the phone doesn't even apply in this case cause I didn't call you...I text messaged you and last time I checked you get little periods in between rounds where you could check your phone and text me back or call, but you didn't. When I was hysterically upset and having the shittiest day with everything just falling down around weren't there. All because you were playing some stupid game and "couldn't answer your phone", which as I said before doesn't even make sense since I didn't call.

But even if I had called...not being able to answer your phone still wouldn't be a good excuse. What are they going to do...kick you out of the tournament for picking up your phone? And even if they would...I'd like to think that in the scheme of things getting kicked out a tournament wouldn't be nearly as big of a deal or important to you as being there when I need you most.

I sat home all night crying on and off feeling like nobody gives two shits about me and seeing how no one is around when I need them...and it all got made worse when the one person that I always thought was supposed to be there when I need them...when my world just comes falling down and I'm feeling like total all got made worse when that one person, just like everyone else I know, wasn't around when I needed him. In fact, he was nowhere to be found.

But I digress...I should understand...right? And should just say you're sorry with a bunch of "but's" added in and basically show no real form of understanding whatsoever.

You really hurt me...and yet you don't seem to understand that all and that just hurts even worse.

~Side Note: This isn't meant to start a fight this is meant for venting purposes only...and maybe a little in the hopes that for once I can finally get through to you and make you realize how easily you put magic before me and make that of more importance than I am...whether it's intentional or not does not matter. I love you nonetheless.~

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