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let it go

Its only been a month into summer... So much has happened. prom was AMAZING. The after party could have had a little less drama.. But life goes on. I understand you being hurt and angry, but i think its time you let it go. NO more threats we dont have time for this. a 12 year friend ship should not be thrown away, cause of one incident. This is the way we feel, no one can help that. You say I dont understand what you are going through... I have been there before, my bf of almost 2 years cheated on me with one of my closest friends. There was no cheating in this situation, we werent even dating. I am sorry for what happened. Its in the past no one can fix it. Your hand? No i don't feel bad for that. That was your choice, the way you acted upon the situation broke your hand. No one told you do go mad and start punching things. Yes I have sympathy for your pain, but i will not be apoligizing for your broken hand.

I went away to cuba and had the time of my life... I met tonz of new people. Surprisingly i forgot about some of the bull that has been lingering around me. Then i came home and BAM its all back where i left it. It made me wish i was right back on that beach with new people. People who dind't know about us, people who didn't judge me or hold my actions against me. You have made this whole situation harder for your self, and every one around you. Do you really think that dragging this out will make things better? NO it is only making it worse for your self. To be honest, I am happy right now. I wish that you could find some one to take your mind of things so you can be happy too. We just didnt work out, it didnt feel right. I was too bussy, it was for the best.

I just wish that i could get things through your head easier... I dont think any thing made sence for you, which is fine. I just wish you asked for more of an explanation, instead of pretending you knew what was going on. It never hurts to ask. You went out of your way to download unfaithful by rihanna and blare it right infront of me.. I got the message, I know thats not a song that you would actually listen to. You just dont get it do you? I DID NOT cheat on you, we weren't dating when i kissed him, we had been broken up for 2 or 3 weeks. Then you try and say that I kissed him once before while we were dating. Well i hope you know that, that is complete bull. You know what..just let your self think that. I know what it feels like to be cheated on.. And I felt like complete shit. You are making your self feel that way for no reason. I never cheated on you, and i would never cheat on any one.

I really did think that you were a nice guy. Now.. by the way you have been acting. I think you have something seriously wrong with you. Every one understands that you are feeling pain, and you feel betrayed... But saying that you are going to run some one over with your car? There has to be a problem upstairs... You compaired this to the Holocaust, not even close. Please just stop. I don't want any one to get hurt.. I just want every one to be at peace. I think we have all had enough. You are still fuming about something that happened one month ago today... Its over and done with.. please, just let it go.. We just graduated high school, we have our entire lives ahead of us. To grow, find true love, get married, and have a family. Theres no need for any of this, one day when u are older you will look back and laugh, and think "what was i thinking?"..

Its time for us to move on.. forget that incident, and go on with our lives. I wish you the best. I hope you find some one, who will be crazy about you, and do a good job of showing it. Some one who "clicks" with you better. Some one who you are meant to be with.

Good bye.

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