Lindsay (kiddolp) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dr. Clock:

Please move faster...



Dear Chesca (aka Butthead):

Please stop being such a bitch. I don't understand what the hell I did to you. I realize you're probably angry that I got annoyed with you, but did you ever stop to think that I had a reason to be annoyed. You're so quick to get defensive that you don't even consider the fact that I had/have every right to be upset with you.

If I were to constantly tell you I'd text/call you back every time you tried to make plans with me and then never actually followed through you'd be upset too. But of course you don't see never see anything that you do wrong and if you do you still don't own up to it.

I hate to say it but you are such a selfish bitch. You get mad at people for getting upset with you and all you ever do is complain about things that you're not willing to try and change. It's aggravating, which makes me wonder why I even care if we stay friends or not...but I do care. So, please stop being so damn proud or stubborn or whatever the hell and realize that what you were doing was wrong and that you shouldn't be mad at me for getting upset about it. Hell, I'm not even asking for an apology...just a phone call.

Lindsay (aka Pervert)
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