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Dear Boyfriend

We've been going out for 42 days. Each day feels longer and longer. My ex-boyfriend who is your friend talked to me today telling me why he has been malicious toward you recently. It's because of me. He said that you took away the one thing that he loved and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. The other guy, the one that broke my heart into a million peices because he lead me to believe that he would break up with his girlfriend because he said he loved me, told me today that  he missed me and missed the love I filled him with. He still has the girlfriend. He said he wanted to stab an axe through your head. Jealous much? I don't like either of them anymore. You are wonderful for me. But are we moving to fast? You say you want to marry me and keep asking where i see us in the future. It would be nice, oh, it would be nice if things stayed the same or even got better in the future.  But im not sure how much inlove I am with you. Is that bad? We're four years apart. Is that too much of a gap? I don't know im confused. Ofcourse. Im always wound up these days. And spiteful and anxious. Could it be my medication for depression? I feel crazy now. Am I? I guess not. Because crazy people don't wonder if they're crazy.. do they? *sigh* I guess I need to go to bed. I have to wake up early for bandcamp. Which you are picking me up for, if you wake up intime. Which you are not very punctual. At all. Is that bad as well?
I think so.

your loving and faithful- but confused Girlfriend,

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