canit0uchurlegs (canit0uchurlegs) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

your my best guy friend. there's no doubt about that. you are seriously the most amazing guy i have ever met, your girlfriend is such a lucky girl to have you.  i really wish this didnt happen. i can't believe i fell for you. after all this time ive known you, and i never had any feelings for you. but it just happened. out of the blue yesterday when we were sitting in the food court. just wow. your so amazing. i want you. but i cant. i cant do that to your girlfriend. since she is one of my best friends. i cant tell C cause she'd yell at me too. and she'd tell me im a stupid bitch and want everything i cant have. but i guess thats true. im fucking stupid. i cant believe i let myself fall for you. i know it would never work for us because you and your gf are in love. and you guys are just so cute i'd hate to see you apart. i cant tell you how i feel. im sorry, i love you. i really do. thanks for holding my hand and being there for me all the time.
love you.


wow.. your still on my mind. im sorry. i know i should be over you by now. but its just really hard. i mean, we had something and you know it. even if you dont want to admit it. you know we had something going on. but then "kiki" came along.. and yeah, you know the rest. so far ive told my friends im over you and im glad we're friends.. although we dont talk. ive always wanted to tell you this, but never got the chance because i was just too scared.. but, no one will ever take your place. no one will ever hold me like you did, or listen like you did. ill always compare every guys smile to yours. because yours was the one that brightened up my day.  ill always compare every guys eyes to yours because yours made me melt with just a simple glance. ill always compare every guys hug and kiss to yours because yours gave me butterflies, and sent a shock through my body. your just so amazing. and im not sure if i will get over you no matter how hard i try. no matter how much i say i hate you.. it'll never be true. when i see you with "kiki" i cant help but cry. and im sorry because i know how much you hate when girls cry.


my first love. i owe everything to you babe. you taught me what it feels like to miss someone so badly. you taught me everything i know about love and life itself. i cannot thank you enough. ill always have feelings for you even if im with someone else. its just one of those things, you know? reading all our old conversations brought back so many memories. we had such great times together. of course i miss you. i ll always miss you even if your right next to me, because your not mine anymore.. and well, that sorta.. kills me a little, i guess. well i really dont know what else to say except, i wish you luck in everything you do. i love you.

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