ambience. (aroundhollywood) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

dear chris,

holy fuck girl, wow, am i ever happy that we talked about that stuff that went on. i know i wasn't the most sober thing (as you could probably tell by my nudity) but what i said, i meant it. i want to be your friend. and i'm sorry that i messed up our chance at being in love. but thats okay, right...? i did notice how upset you seemed. and i told you the truth. i told you that i felt horrible because you're someone i want in my life. and i'm glad that you appriciated that, and that we can get past being awkward. and i'm glad we started playfighting because i think we could be best friends, and i want that to happen because to me, you're a safe person. you're someone who i can trust with my life. you've taught me alot.


dear jordan,

i'm sorry for kissing your best friend. i don't know how that makes you feel, but you seemed kind of angry. we need to talk. you need to talk to me, and i need to talk to you. i need to talk to you because i miss when we did talk and i told you everything, and i need to tell you everything else because we haven't had a talk like that for a while and i'm filling up, and spilling over. lets go for slurpees, k?

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