Lady K (oomommylike) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
Lady K

Dear Alex,
                   Hey sweetheart what are you doing? These past few 8 months have been the best months of my life. You are great & i honesly love you so much. but the other night when you told me it was over. I knew that you were SERIOUS this time. I dont know why i did something as stupid as to cheat on you but i did baby && im so sorry. I had no ententions of doin this to you. I mean when i crawled in that truck, I had no entintions of doing anything with that boy. but..alex.. he pays attention to me .. something you havent done in a very very long time . I mean it isnt nothing for me to go 2 weeks without hearing from you or knowing if you're ok or that you love me.  After a while.i just got lonely .. im not used to being alone.. I mean before you i had a different guyz every other week. but i changed ... i mean i really have . you've brought out so much good in me &&& i love you more than i've ever loved anything!! ... I know this doesnt make what i did ok & i know that you say you hate me now, but if you truly hate me now, then you never really loved me in the first place. Im so sorry && i am still so in love with you i cant breath without you!!
                                  I love you !

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