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Do you have to be depressed to write a sad song?
Do you have to be in love to write a love song?
Is a song better if it really happened to you?

Any time tomorrow I will lie and say I'm fine
I'll say yes when I mean no
And any time tomorrow
The sun will cease to shine
There's a shadowman who told me so...

Sometimes, there are people in your life who you really don't pay much attention to. They're just there, in the background. Just another part of life, just another habit. You don't give a second glance, you never think about those people who are in your life every day. You never value the time you spend with them because you think, 'I'll have plenty of time in the future'. And then one day, they get up and walk out. Suddenly, this person who you never gave a shit about, this person who had always just been there...It's not just another person anymore. Your life has an emptiness, and there's an imprint straight in your heart of that person.

...any time tomorrow the rain will play a part
Of a play I used to know
Like no other
Used to know it all by heart
But a shadowman inside has let it go...

People always say to value the people who are in your life. Keep the ones you love close to you. But they never said anything about the ones who were always there. The ones you never realised you loved, the ones that, without them, nothing seems the same. We always forget those people, the ones who have not dented our hearts enough for us to feel the tearing of ourselves but they were still there. They may not have been the loudest voice in the crowd, they may not have been the most powerful line in the song, but they were still there. Sometimes we overlook the lyrics to a song and we just sing along, flowing with the beat. We never think, if they took away the lyrics, what would happen? We never appreciate it, we just sing along because we have it there.

...oh no, let go of my hand
Oh no, not now I'm down, my friend
You came to me anew
Or was it me who came to you?

I'm going to say this now because I can't say it anywhere else and I know I'm not strong enough to say it to their face. If you don't know who I'm speaking to, I don't expect you guys to. But just read this, and don't make the same stupid mistake I did. I've put another weight on my shoulders and I can't get rid of it. I hate myself for it, but I understand what's been wrong with me the last few weeks. I've been stressed and my emotions have been worn out, and I knew this day would come at the back of my mind. I'm making such a big deal out of it but these are people who have been in my life for the past 6 months and left an imprint which I never bothered to acknowledge...I give you each your own section, and I let these words drift to you through my mind. Maybe some day, I can be as important in your life as you were in mine, and someday you will think of me like I think of you.

...any time tomorrow a part of me will die
And a new one will be born
Any time tomorrow
I'll get sick of asking why
Sick of all the darkness I have worn...

You...I 'hated' you from the beginning. I tried to be nice to you and I tried to be friends with you, but it was just rocky roads. I don't think we could ever have been as close friends as I would have liked us to be, but we could stand each other. The last few months have been so nice, we actually spoke like civilized human beings to each other, we laughed with each other and you learned to accept me and I accepted you. Somehow, I know a part of you trusted me because you told me things. In your own way, you told me things. I could always tell when something was wrong, nobody else cared and nobody else understood it, but I could tell. You put up a wall. I just wish I had enough time to learn who was behind that wall, I wish you would have let me in more. If you didn't know that I cared, I'm telling you now. I wish there was so much more time for us, and I wish...A lot of the time when I think of you, I just wish somehow we could have been better friends from the start. I remember when everybody hated you and they couldn't stand you. They outcasted you and you just stood there, keeping to yourself. Everyone else kept laughing, kept spitting their words at you, but I hope you know I wasn't. I could tell it was affecting you. I know you a lot better than you think. It's just a shame you didn't take the time to care and know me. See you next year ♥

...any time tomorrow
I will try to do what's right
Making sense of all I can
Any time tomorrow
I'll pretend to see the light
I just might

Well, we got along well from the start. I admit, at the beginning I wondered whether or not we could be friends. I wondered if we would ever be able to have our own inside jokes, I wondered if I could talk to you as a person, and I can say now...We are real friends. I know who you are now, and I trust you. I can talk to you and I know you will actually say something, you make me feel good about myself and you don't look down on me like the others do. I don't know so much about you, but I really hope you get an awesome life in the future. You deserve it. You deserve so much more than you got from the people there, but you were still so nice to them. Sometimes I really look up to you as a person. I can say that I respect you, and I'm just happy that we met and we can still talk. Hopefully in a year, we'll still be talking, and the time won't make a difference.

...oh, here's the sun again
Isn't it appealing to recline?
Get blinded and to go into the light again
Doesn't it make you sad
To see so much love denied...

I have regret this time, as I always do in my life, but I'm still happy because I know today I did something and I...Well. It worked out. Perfect timing, Kelly...Usually it's just a second too late. But it doesn't matter because it's a second too late for some things, and I saw it. I was scared, I was unsure, but here we are. You know how they say the smallest things make you smile? Yeah...I'm smiling right now. Smiling like an idiot, because I'm happy with myself and disappointed at the same time. This is such a little thing but it's something. It may be the smallest flower in the field, but it still grew and it's still on the field. I don't know how often I'm going to think of you two, if I'm ever going to think of you two again. I can't say that I won't though. Everytime I walk back there, it will always remind you of you guys and it makes this all so bittersweet. I just want you guys to keep me in your memory, as that happy girl who smiled at you and sang songs crazily, and the one who embraced you as you walked out of her life. ♥

...See nothing but a shadowman inside...
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